Friday, December 11, 2009

The girls are 8 months

We are so blessed!!!! Isabella and Sophia are doing so good. We have been busy learning how to be parents to four children. The girls are now starting to crawl and just got their first two teeth. Its amazing how they seem to do everything together. Isabella showed her teeth one day before and Sophia crawled one day before Isabella. They are precious and we are enjoying them so much. JT has started drivers ed and got his permit and is playing basketball, Hannah is enjoying basketball also and Drama.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The girls are home

Sorry once again for not posting but we are so busy now with the girls. The are home and doing good. They were sent home with Apnea monitors and that has been an adjustment. I never thought that I could handle some of what God has allowed us to go through. Both girls have Apnea spells nightly, however Isabella has about 6 a night. She corrects herself on her own and all we have to do is mainly stimulate her by touching her face or by rubbing her feet. This week we go back to the doctor for a growth check and they may have to go on some medication for Apnea. Leon and I are so exhausted but blessed. It has been wonderful to have my parents here to help run the house and to get JT and Hannah to there places and to maintain teenagers schedules. Both JT and Hannah have been so helpful with the girls and our home life seems to be very full and peaceful. I have just decided to stay in my pjs all day that way I can just crawl in the bed when the girls are napping. I am still breastfeeding every three hours so we have to sleep when we can.

My family gave the girls a shower in Salisbury, NC even thou we could not be there. Isabella and Sophia have been on visitation restriction until they get a little bigger and their immune system gets stronger. Our house has turned into "germ a phobias", and we constantly are washing our hands and trying to stay germ free. They are just now at 37 weeks (born at 32, therefore 5 weeks old) and should be able to be cuddled by our friends and family at around their due date when they would be 40 weeks.

We have been so blessed with our family and friends and especially for the meals they have been a lifesaver. We have updated photos on facebook and I will try to figure out how to add more to my blog. Thanks again for all the prayers and continued support. We are truly blessed!!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What a Journey with the NICU

Sorry it has taken us so long to blog. The girls are really doing well now but the first 48-72 hours were tough. They both had issues with thier lungs and both needed surfactant, both went on the CPAP and then Isabella eventually had to be put on the ventalator for a couple of days. Today however we found out that they were both coming off the cannula oxygen tubes and that they will be moved up to intermediate status by tonight. YEAHHHHHHHHH

This has been such an emotional journey for our family and we are so very thankful to God for our precious girls. We feel so good about our decision with our doctors to take both Isabella and Sophia at 32 weeks because their cords were very tangled. Both the Neonatalogist and my Doctor said that they had never seen such a tanlged cord in thier career. Our girls are truly a miracle from God and we are so very thankful!!!! Thank you all for your prayers and support during this time.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Kim delivered this morning at 7:56am and 7:57am this morning. We're now the proud parents of 2 more children (4 total) of babies;
  • Isabella Grace - 4lbs 8oz and 18" long
  • Sophia Marcella - 4lbs 5oz and 17" long
Both went pretty quickly into the NICU and were breathing okay but the Dr's put them both on CPAP for about the last 10 hours or so however, the NICU Doctor just came up and told us that they were going to give Isabella "surfractant" to help her lungs a little more and that this was "not unexpected" but the first 24-48 hours would tend to be the critical time in terms of their lung development but not to fret. Of course, we fret but also know God is in control and we simply walk in His care and grace.

Kim is doing pretty well and expected to get out of the bed tonight so we can venture up and let her see the babies again (since delivering). We're out of the old room and here just for a few more days and continue to pray for our girls health and development.

Just wanted to give a quick update and thank you to all our family and friends. We'll upload some photos soon.

Leon and Kim

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DAY 50! ONLY 11 HOURS TO GO!!!!!!

Well we're down to "HOURS" instead of days! Praise God! They've started getting Kim ready for surgery tomorrow; installed her IV port, started her on Mag (magnesium) which apparently is something relatively new that they believe can help with potential for brain issues in premies.

Kim is now confined to the bed until surgery in the morning and will be checked every 30 minutes all night until surgery tomorrow. We're scheduled to be 1st in the OR tomorrow morning and her Doctor said she'd be starting by 7:30am. It's hard to believe the time, day and hour has finally come.

It's been one heck of a journey and want to tell my wife how proud I am of her, going 51 days in the hospital alone is enough to make anyone crazy never mind the constant strain of the type of pregnacy shes carried! I'm proud of our kids JT and Hannah on how well they've done in her absence and thankful for my mother and father in law who have taken care of the kids, the house and everything inbetween during this time! Thank you to our family and friends who have faithfully prayed, visited us, and encouraged us during the last seven months. It's meant so much to our family.

I think sleep will come fleetingly tonight but the anticipation and anxiety of meeting our children (new children) tomorrow morning will be such a great moment and then the next chapter of our journey will begin........!

We'll update again in the next day or two once the twins are stable and their assessments have been done.

Thanks again for your thoughts, prayers and helping Kim get through the last few months.

Leon and Kim

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 47, only 3 days to go:)

Well my family just left the hospital room and Hannah was able to spend the night with me last night. We all were able to realize that this would be the last weekend with just the four of us. After Wednesday we will be a family of six. We had a nice prayer and it was so special.

Pray for the kids next week because they will have their standardize testing in school and will have a lot on their minds. I am scheduled to go on Magnesium sulfate Tuesday night( which is something new that MUSC is doing to help benefit premature baby's )then I will deliver by c section first thing Wednesday morning. Needless to say I am getting a little nervous. Pray that God will help me with my fear!

Thank you all for your prayers and we will update everyone when the girls are here.:):):):)